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Providence Classical Christian School

Coming this Fall 2023......We are excited to see what God will do as He continues to grow our school in ways we never imagined. Our Epworth campus will transition to provide a Classical Christian education. It is a style of teaching that we used for centuries. Below is a brief outline of what it is and the benefits of it. 

What is  Classical Christian Education?
It teaches students to think well, to speak well, to write well, and to discern what is true, good, and beautiful, all while cultivating their knowledge and devotion to God through Christ. 
For more information please see below:


Association of Classical & Christian Schools
We have become a member of ACCS and will rely on their guidance as we navigate this process. For more information you can click the link below:

Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS)

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Grab a cup of coffee and spend 20 minutes learning more about why we believe Classical Christian Education is the only choice for us.

Geronimo, Amen! Part 1 - YouTube

Blue Skies

Book Recommendations:
Battle for the American Mind by Pete Hegseth

The Lost Tools of Learning
Dorothy Sayers

Case for Classical Christian Education 


Providence Classical Christian School

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We are a growing school. As we strive to follow God's direction we also want to make sure that we do not take steps that He has not ordained for us. It has been made clear that this is the next step for our program. As we are currently in the process of getting our non-profit status, board members, teachers, etc. we will keep everyone informed so that we can include you along the way. Together I believe we will have a school that is safe, nurturing and challenging for our students. To receive updates please fill out the contact form to the right. 

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