Bringing it back old school...Literally!

We are thrilled with the start of our full elementary program. We now go through 5th grade at the Epworth campus. We are all hands on out here and have limited the use of any technology so that we can teach children in a way that they learn best. Through experiences, hands on projects and open discussions and problem solving. We are not just teaching children information but instead how to process it. Think through it. In some cases, challenge it. 

We use The Good and the Beautiful curriculum which is designed to engage your child in the learning process. Each lesson crosses over into others so that we are continually reiterating the learned information in a way that is interesting and fun. Our goal is to "teach up" here so if you have a child struggling this small group setting allows us the time to focus on individual needs. If your child is advanced and needs to be challenged we are able to cater to their needs as well. Our desire is to meet the individual needs of every student to reach their fullest potential in a stress free, loving and supportive environment. While we work towards becoming a non-porfit 501C-3 we are considered a private homeschool which requires each family to register with the State Board of Education an Intent to Homeschool Form. 
While we love The Good and the Beautiful curriculum we are not employed by this company. We are not a paid agent to use their curriculum. We choose this curriculum for the quality and creative lessons but we do not solely rely on this curriculum. It is a support program that we use to offer a quality education pulling from various programs.